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Changing banking
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Kestrel illustration on a branch
Kestrel illustration on a branch

We founded Kestrl on a single idea that people should be able to meet their financial goals in life without having to compromise on their personal beliefs.

You live your life according to your values, why should the way you handle and grow your wealth be any different? Unfortunately, today's banking system doesn't make this very easy due to;

  • Opaque fee structures and use of your deposits
  • Unfair distribution of risks and rewards between banks and their customers
  • An overall negative impact upon individuals and society as a whole

From the 2008 financial crisis to the over £150bn invested in fossil fuel producing companies by the UK's largest banks in the last couple of years- it's clear something must be done differently

Kestrl idea

That's where we come in. Kestrl will offer an alternative to the conventional banking system with its secure deposits, instant access to funds and its innovative wealth tracking and growth methodology. Kestrl aims to offer all the functionality of a bank without making money by loaning out your deposits. Our core values include;

  1. Transparency: No hidden fees and full knowledge of where your money is at all times
  2. Value alignment: Kestrl does well when its user do well, we're incentivized to help you do better
  3. Real impact: Kestrl's products are designed to benefit real people and real businesses rather than faceless financial companies
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Meet the team

Areeb illustration
Areeb Siddiqui
Founder, CEO
  • Cambridge MBA
  • Strategy Consulting
  • Wealthtech
Daeng illustration
Daeng Termizi
Founder, COO
  • Cambridge MBA
  • Ethical Financing
  • Islamic Banking
Ayaz illustration
Ayaz Siddiqui
Co-founder, CFO
  • Chartered Accountant
  • 30+ years compliance experience
  • Banking regulatory expertise
Irfan illustration
Irfan Radzi
Co-founder, CTO
  • Experienced CTO & Entrepreneur
  • Full-stack Developer
Kestrel in the sky illustration
Kestrel in the sky illustration

Kestrl derives its name from the bird Kestrel, a brightly coloured miniature falcon and a common sight hovering over the British countryside.

They're also partial to common garden birds including starlings (make of that what you will).

Kestrl illustration

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